FLYLEAF 920 Series

Our Lea-Blend™ vinyl extrusions are impervious to weather
conditions—won’t corrode, pit, warp, rot, peel or crack.

Flyleaf’s 920™ Series is available in a variety of configurations for both new construction and replacement projects, including single hung and double hung with both sloped and pocket sill option, horizontal slider, casement, awning and picture window. Ideally suited for applications throughout North America this system is designed to achieve maximum thermal efficiency, boasting a 7/8” glazing pocket; exterior glazed.

Superior Leaf-Blend® vinyl compound comes standard for the Leaf 920 Series to ensure optimal weathering and durability, even in the most intense UV, temperature, and coastal environments. The system also incorporates innovative ultra-Coat™ solar-reflective color technology on exterior profile surfaces and enhanced woodgrain laminate film options on interior profile surfaces.

All Flyleaf vinyl extrusions feature our proprietary Leaf-Blend® vinyl compound. Leaf-Blend is formulated to with-stand the toughest conditions and standards. It is tested tough and real world proven for over 30 years. We use it exclusively across all of our manufacturing facilities and it is engineered to be extremely consistent – batch after batch

Leaf-Blend™ Vinyl stands up to trade industry test standards, and then has to withstand Flyleaf’s additional stringent testing protocol to make the grade. Leaf-Blend is about peace-of mind – that your vinyl window and doors will perform year after year – without undue risk of failure in any climate, anywhere. Is it worth the risk to provide anything less?

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